73 things you didn’t know about Victoria Beckham

Back in the nineties when Spice Girls was the number one girl group in the world, my favorite spice girls was always Victoria Beckham. Ever since I was a young girl, anything chic had my attention. Victoria with her band my name Posh Spice immediately caught my eye out of all the other girls in the group. Looking at her I could tell that she had a great sense of fashion and that someday she would be doing something with that talent and achieving great things. Fast-forward 20 years later and look at what she has become.

Victoria is one of the biggest style icons in the world with her own fashion brand that is also taking center stage at different fashion weeks. She has her own store in London, which I would love to visit the next time I’m there. A fashion icon like that can’t be missed from under the Vogue radar. Watch and listen to Victoria Beckham as she answered 73 questions of Vogue last year, while walking through her store in London. She’s proven her Girl Power!



Can’t wait to check out her store in real life.


XX Fashion Diva

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