Monday Inspiration: Plant a seed

For this week I have a message for you that I heard on an episode of the television broadcast of Hour of Power. Bobby Schuller was discussing the topic “Money in the Kingdom of God” and throughout his preach he kept giving one message, that pretty much says that you have to take action if you want something to happen. A short and powerful message to … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Plant a seed

Dressed for a Spring Wedding in Amsterdam

Spring Wedding Intro

Sunshine, singing birds, fresh young leaves and flowers. It can mean only one thing: Spring time! Even though it is officially spring for a month now, I for one am still waiting for the real warm spring days to arrive. Although, I may not complain, because the first true spring day already made her entrance on April 10, here in the Netherlands. This day was proclaimed “Skirt Day”, which basically means that it is the first day of spring when suddenly a lot of ladies are wearing a skirt with bare legs underneath. But Skirt Day wasn’t the only thing happening, as I had a Spring Wedding to attend on that same Sunny Friday of April. Continue reading “Dressed for a Spring Wedding in Amsterdam”