Dressed for a Spring Wedding in Amsterdam

Spring Wedding Intro

Sunshine, singing birds, fresh young leaves and flowers. It can mean only one thing: Spring time! Even though it is officially spring for a month now, I for one am still waiting for the real warm spring days to arrive. Although, I may not complain, because the first true spring day already made her entrance on April 10, here in the Netherlands. This day was proclaimed “Skirt Day”, which basically means that it is the first day of spring when suddenly a lot of ladies are wearing a skirt with bare legs underneath. But Skirt Day wasn’t the only thing happening, as I had a Spring Wedding to attend on that same Sunny Friday of April.

It was a lovely spring wedding of an uncle of mine, which started a few minutes after noon. The sun was already shining and the legs were out for most of the ladies in the family, including me. The wedding was an event itself that literally took the entire day. From the official part at the city hall in Amstelveen to a family luncheon and evening gala reception at the Sky Palace in Amsterdam, where one of the highlights was… good Surinamese food! Of course there was a great band that played everything from Surinamese music to latin, reggae and back. With an event like this you can imagine that a Fashion Diva like me had to change outfits.

For the daytime I opted for a nude look with touches of black and threw on a colourful scarf to give the outfit that spring feeling. In the evening I went for black with touches of silver bling. You gotta remember that sometimes your face is your best accessory! Both outfits were maxi dresses with a side split. Without even knowing it beforehand, I kinda joined for Skirt Day in my own way. Check out my looks and the delicious dinner I had.

The daytime look for the ceremony until dinner:

Spring Wedding 1

Spring Wedding 2

Spring Wedding 3

Dinner time!:

Spring Wedding 4

The evening look for the gala reception:

Spring Wedding 5

Spring Wedding 6

Spring Wedding 7

Spring Wedding 8

Spring Wedding 9

Spring Wedding 10

My outfits

Beige dress: Jubylee

Jacket: Redial Luxury

Scarf (no label)

Heels: Just Fab

Bag: Topshop

Black dress (no label)

Pumps: Belle Women

Scarf (no label)

Earrings (no label)


XX Fashion Diva

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