Getting ready for Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey

One of the most long anticipated films is finally here for us ladies (and gents) to see. After Sex and the City The Movie, this is a film that many woman have waited on for a long time ever since the book came out. Of course I’m talking about nothing other than Fifty Shades Of Grey. And I must say I am one of the women who has counted the days ever since I’ve heard about the movie and the release date.

Today that long awaited day has come for me. Very excited to see this movie, I can’t wait till I’m in the cinema waiting for the film to start. The first time I heard about the book was from my best friend on my 28th birthday. She was searching to buy the book for her mom and was surprised that I didn’t knew it. Nope, never heard of it, I had to confess. But ever since that day I told myself that I would get that book for me to read. Well, it took my two years. Two years! After Christmas in 2013, I talked about getting that book but didn’t. Finally, last year October 2014, I got the book as a birthday present to myself after my 30th birthday. At that time I already knew about the movie and the release date, so I set myself to read the book before that date. Sadly, I failed this mission.

Now less than two hours before I’m going to see the film, I have to come to the understanding that I will see this movie before actually reading the book. But that’s okay. These last couple of minutes I have left before I’m heading to the cinema, I will at least read about the first encounter of Miss Steele and mister Grey (the leading characters of the book and the film) and let myself be surprised for the rest of the story. Like with many books that have been filmed afterwords, people are gonna talk and have their own opinions. Talking about the book and then compare the book to the film. It doesn’t matter to me, because I won’t get sucked into their spoiler alerts. Just like every film I watch, I’m going to this one with an open mind, enjoy the film and then form my own opinion about it after I’ve seen it. Maybe it is a good thing that I haven’t read the book before, so I will have no expectations and just get with it. It might be of no surprise that I will go see this movie with my bff who told me about the book. After reading about the encounter of Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey, I’m going to pick out my outfit and get ready for an afternoon at the movies watching Fifty Shades of Grey.

For those who still haven’t seen the trailer or heard about the film. here’s the trailer.


If  you’re also going to see this film..Enjoy!


To be continued..


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