Barcelona Trip Day 1


Day 1 of Barcelona was a fun one since my two birthday guests arrived and I took them out to see the city a little bit. Of course I had to take them to La Rambla, the street to be when in Barcelona. When on La Rambla you have to visit La Boqueria as well, the market that always makes me so happy when I step into it. After that we walked around for a bit looking for places to eat and then we let ourselves get talked into having dinner at a place called Micky’s. It was a dinner arrangement for 10 euros and I can tell you that for that price you must not expect anything too fancy, but it was doable.

After dinner we walked around some more, ran into a demonstration of Catalans and went home. Funny story of that day is that we had our pictures taken for the online part of Hola! magazine while heading to La Rambla. We each took one separate picture and then we had one together. The pictures came out nice. Here are some photos of the first day.

Walking to the house after picking up my first guest (right):


The first meal I had in Barcelona, a sandwich with scrambled eggs, tomato, aioli and ketchup, and a cola. It was yummy!:


Me and my guests acting silly, then it was time for my outfit of the day photoshoot:





On the way to La Rambla we walked into a photographer asking us if we would like to have our picture taken for the 70 anniversary of Hola! magazine. Of course we did. This is my picture and the one of us together. Check out the website to see if there is somebody you know on there:

Hola magazine Induella

Hola magazine Deb In Sher


Getting closer to La Rambla, the Christopher Columbus (Colombo) statue:


While on La Rambla, I had to take the girls to la Boqueria, the market with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, fish, herbs, and more deliciousness for your pleasure. The place to go if you love fresh food:





Dinner time on La Rambla at Micky’s, started with tapas, then the main dish (mine was pizza margeritha) and ended with a slice of ice cream:





This is what you get when you order a medium ice tea:



Barcelona Streets by night. Walking into a demonstration on the way home:





We had a nice day and went to bed early that night.

Details of my outfit you can find in this post.


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