My first Blogger Event


Last week I went to my first Blogger event in Amsterdam on May 28. After I started my blog I also went on the internet to explore the blogging world a little, see what it’s out there for bloggers like myself and meet other bloggers. During my search I found Blog Society. This is a Blogger network for Dutch bloggers that helps marketing your blog, gets you to connect with other bloggers, and provides you with community benefits. The idea sounded nice, and after 6 weeks online with XX Fashion Diva I decided to sign up. It wasn’t long after that I found out they were going to organize a Blogger Event for the newbies to get to know one another.

Of course I signed up to be one of the hundred guests and guess what: I got an invitation. Yes! That email made my day. So excited to be a part of this event where I could meet other bloggers, exchange ideas and network. The event itself was very inspiring. There were two speakers with a lot of blogging experience that gave us such amazing tips. And the cocktail hour was the fun part. Networking and getting to know your fellow bloggers, collecting business cards and email addresses. I had a good time.

Presenting some photos I took at the event.

Let me take a selfie first (oh shoot I forgot my earrings):


A warm welcome with my own name badge and a Dutch book for bloggers by Frank Meeuwsen called: Blog Helden, which means Blog Heroes:


Our first speaker who gave us an awesome tip: It’s all about your Headlines!! Make good Headlines!!:


Frank Meeuwsen, the author of Blog Helden, as second speaker who gave us the tip to share what you know and keep it real (something I always try to live up to here on XX Fashion Diva):


I thought this wall was so cool I had to take a picture there (do you notice Holland’s number one DJ in the back?):


A photo shoot with Frank Meeuwsen which my Google wizard turned into this:

Blogger Event Frank

Sure I collected some business cards of people who were inspiring and interesting to me. Who knows what future colabbo’s will come from that.

After the event we got a nice goodie bag, of which I was lucky enough to get two. One of the male bloggers gave me his :).

My two goodie bags:


Thank you Blog Society for such an amazing event and the opportunity to get to meet one another.

For more pictures, check out my instagram and follow if you like.


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