Only positive vibes from 2017


The first month of 2017 is a fact. It went by so fast, but I have to say my year started good. With a peaceful New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at my place. Hopefully you guys had a lovely start of the new year too. As I had to take a much needed break at the end of 2016, I had time to think about several things in life. Besides that, I took the time to rest and kept the blogging on a minimum to really get myself together again.

Like I said, I was gonna catch up as much as I can, but my energy levels were so low that I just decided to focus on getting my strength back. Meaning lots of rest, healthy eating, exercise and fresh air. It took me several weeks and my advised break was extended by my work leave, so I had enough time to recover. Now I’m back fully loaded and flying again, which means that I can finally pick up the blog where I left off..

Going into the new year! Now, I am not a person who comes up with new years resolutions every year, only to flake after the first month or so. No! Suddenly when the clock strikes twelve for the new year, you’re gonna be this great brand new person? No! People don’t just change overnight. It’s a process to make changes in your life, but remember that the core doesn’t change. Rather then resolutions, I just set a goal I want to achieve for the year and preferably one that helps me in my growth as a person. So from this year on, I decided that I want only positive vibes in my life. Only positive vibes from 2017 on. No negative energy! After one month into the new year, I must say that this is going very well. Not letting anyone or anything get to me and just focus on the things that I want in life. More importantly, always stay positive, no matter what. Yes! This is going to be a good year for me. It can be for you too, if you choose positivity.

Here are some snapshots I took after twelve on New Year’s in my NYE outfit. Wearing a dress by Only, necklace/ bracelet by Opia, and studs by H&M. 😉












Stay positive my dears.


XX Fashion Diva

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