Get ready for Travel Diary days


Here I am again with an update on the blog to let you know I am still here. A month ago I told you that I was gonna be back in action and I meant it. But I was going through some health challenges which forced me to take it easy. These next few weeks I am going to take some much-needed rest – doctor’s orders – to recover from it all.

What can I say. If you work yourself to hard, eventually it’s going to catch up on you. You only have one body and you need to know when to say enough and give your body the rest it needs. Especially when I think of my late father (yesterday marked the 15 month anniversary of his passing), who worked himself so hard that his work got in the way of his health. Lord bless his soul. My health is now going to be my number one priority. Without health we have nothing.

This period I will catch up on the blog as much as I can. Like I told you before, so much has happened and there are so many things I still want to share with you. Since I’ve traveled a lot this past year and a half, I want to start by sharing these travel stories. So get ready for my travel related and Travel Diary posts these next few days. Starting with Paris!

For now I am going to enjoy my Sunday evening with a cup of hot tea in front of the tv.


XX Fashion Diva

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