Introducing Wednesday Beauty Day #WBD

XX Fashion Diva beauty

Hello my sweeties, before I am off to bed on this cold night in NL after the first day beneath freezing point this season, I wanted to Introduce you to something new on XX Fashion Diva. My up and coming weekly beauty day on Wednesday! Good news for all you beauty lovers yes. Every week on Wednesday there is going to be a beauty post on topics like hair, make up, skin care, nails, musthaves, my favourite products and beauty finds. Think of tips, advice, reviews, DIY’s, fun articles and beauty videos. With this I am introducing to you my Wednesday Beauty Day (#WBD). Meaning that even if I don’t have a beauty post for you on any other day, on Wednesday I will always have one.

Starting with this infamous XX Fashion Diva signature look you see right here. Obviously my hair is not this straight or this long and this is not my natural hair colour. So, how do I straighten my curls, what type of hair extensions I choose for a blended natural look and what hair colour do I use to get this blonde? Especially for the brown skin ladies: what kind of make up am I wearing that fits my skin colour so flawlessly? And how did I get my eyebrows so nice? Find out the answers to these questions and more next week in the first Wednesday Beauty Day post. Till then!


fashion diva mini logo

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