A peplum mini in Paris


In this post I am finally picking up where I left off with my Paris posts. On day 4 I was feeling like keeping it dressy, since it was a nice hot summer day and I was planning to enjoy this day with some more sightseeing accompanied by my Parisian friend. My mini dress was the one I went for.

My white peplum mini that is. Given the fact that the dress was short, I borrowed a cardigan from my friend to keep the look appropriate. Also since we were planning on visiting the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, it was the right move to make, because I didn’t want to offend anyone. Even if we did not enter the building. To make the total look appear sophisticated and to leave the peplum visible, I added a belt over the cardigan while keeping it open. For a pop of color, I wore my mint green shoulder bag with studs, which in its turn gave the look a little edge. Threw on a few accessories as a finishing touch to complement the outfit and the hairstyle. Flats on and I was ready to go.

My outfit

New Yorker Dress

Atmosphere Cardigan

Waist Belt (unknown)

Topshop Flat Sandals

JustFab Shoulder Bag

Opia Necklace

Bijou Brigitte Earrings

Sunglasses from market

















XX Fashion Diva  

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