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Attention Caribbean fashion bloggers (and fashion blog lovers)! With a new year comes new endeavours. Since I’ve been walking around with the idea to start a community of fashion bloggers, I  started to think of one that is not out there yet. After looking at the communities that are already up and running, it suddenly hit me. So recently, on January 2, I started a Facebook group called Caribbean Fashion Bloggers (CFB).

Caribbean Fashion Bloggers (CFB) is a group created especially for Fashion Bloggers from the Caribbean who blog about fashion, trends, styling, personal style, (Caribbean) celebrity style and fashion events. This group is meant to bring these fashion bloggers together to meet, interact, inspire and motivate one another. In this group it is possible to promote your blog, share general information, fashion news, photos, outfit inspiration, your latest posts and information about (Caribbean) fashion events. It is not allowed to spam the community full with your blogposts only! In case you do so these posts will me removed.

Please note that this group is STRICTLY FASHION! To keep this group exclusive, only Caribbean fashion bloggers can become a member. Because the group is open, everyone else who loves to read fashion blogs and/or is specifically interested in Caribbean fashion bloggers is able to read all the posts. Readers can stop by anytime.

If you are a Caribbean Fashion Blogger yourself feel free to join CFB. In case you know someone who is a Caribbean Fashion Blogger, don’t hesitate to make that person a member of this group.

Please help share this post and let us build this group together and be a great fashion community.


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