Monday Inspiration: Do what you can’t

Long time no blog you guys. Hope you are all doing fine, because I am. There was so much going on in my life, that I unintentionally neglected the blog for three months. But this Monday I want to make a come back (again!) with some new Monday Inspiration, in the form of a must see inspirational video, which I saw online today, from YouTube star Casey Neistat. Continue reading “Monday Inspiration: Do what you can’t”

Monday Inspiration: Keep going

After being away a few weeks, I now have a new inspiration post for you. It is a video message that was posted in my “Caribbean Fashion Bloggers” Facebook group by one of the members and it immediately spoke to me, especially in my particular situation. This one goes out to everyone and, without saying, to myself. Watch and learn why.   Video of the week:   Have … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Keep going

Monday Inspiration: Find your meaning of life

For the Monday Inspiration of this week, I would like to share an inspirational video with you. Listen to these words as they might help you think about the meaning of your life. What do you have going for you? What is your life work? What is de meaning of your life? Powerful words by Les Brown who likes to encourage us to think about these … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Find your meaning of life