Plog: Grand opening Forever 21 Amsterdam


Like I promised in the previous post I would give you a plog of the Grand opening of Forever 21 Amsterdam, which took place this Saturday April 19. It was a very sunny day in Amsterdam. As I walked towards Rokin where the Forever 21 store is located I already noticed how crowded it was in the city, lots of tourists, some in little groups or families, walking around with their camera. There was a carnival like there always is in the spring time on Dam Square and it seemed like everyone was having a good time. On my way I couldn’t help myself to take some pictures to show you on what kind of day Forever 21 has opened its doors.

Walking towards Dam Square to go to Rokin, this was the view I had:

IMG-20140419-04027 IMG-20140419-04028

Almost there I took pictures of the store and Dam Square from across the street from a perfect in between position. You can see how crowded it was just to cross the street at the stop sign:

IMG-20140419-04029 IMG-20140419-04030 IMG-20140419-04031

A few steps closer:



Right from across the street. You can see that I’m not the only one making my way to the store:


Finally I’m in. This is the first floor. To all the fans of floral I can say that Forever 21 is the place to go, because the floral trend is definitely present:

IMG-20140419-04037 IMG-20140419-04038 IMG-20140419-04041

This wall says: Life’s too short. Buy it.:

IMG-20140419-04042 IMG-20140419-04043 IMG-20140419-04044 IMG-20140419-04045

If you love Barbie, this crop top would be the perfect way to say it:

IMG-20140419-04046 IMG-20140419-04047

Check out the men. I wonder if they knew they weren’t going to find anything for themselves. Sadly.


Moving on to the second floor. On this floor you will find the Denim corner with jeans from 7 euro’s. How great for budget shopping. There are some items for the Marvel fans. The accessories are also on this floor:

IMG-20140419-04050IMG-20140419-04052 IMG-20140419-04055IMG-20140419-04053 IMG-20140419-04054IMG-20140419-04056

Next is the third floor. On this floor you’ll find the more party dresses/outfits, and affordable lingerie. But also a big collection of basics, for all the girls who love casual clothing this is the floor to visit.

IMG-20140419-04057IMG-20140419-04058IMG-20140419-04059IMG-20140419-04060IMG-20140419-04061IMG-20140419-04072IMG-20140419-04062IMG-20140419-04067 IMG-20140419-04070 IMG-20140419-04071

There is also a big shoe corner with very exceptional shoes:

IMG-20140419-04063 IMG-20140419-04064 IMG-20140419-04065 IMG-20140419-04066 IMG-20140419-04068 IMG-20140419-04069

Of course I tried a few clothing items on in the fitting room. After a long wait of almost twenty-five minutes it was my turn. I tried on a long black skirt, a floral crop top, two pairs of the 7 euro denim jeans, and two dresses.

I ended up buying only one of the dresses I tried on, since I didn’t want to spend too much and the jeans didn’t fit me well. It could be me, but I think that the jeans sizes are smaller than normal and, although I wanted a pair, I didn’t feel like getting a bigger size than I normally have.

Here’s the dress I got after fitting:


Yes Marvel and Spider-Man fans, get yours now. I’ll be wearing this at the première of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Once I was out of the fitting room I also picked up two other dresses which I did not fit, a green one with floral print and a beige one with Aztec print. Both very trending at the moment but timeless. Maybe I’ll take pictures when I wear them one day.

Hopefully I showed you enough to make you go visit Forever 21, in Amsterdam or elsewhere, yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Plog: Grand opening Forever 21 Amsterdam

    1. Hey. It’s a lovely top huh. But I’m afraid they are also sold out in the store. If they are still for sale I can inform you about. Send me a message via the contact form.


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