Grand Opening Forever 21 Amsterdam


The long-awaited day has finally arrived. Today was the Grand Opening of Forever 21 in Amsterdam. Just in time I found out this date and of course I had to be there to see this much talked about store (online, on YouTube and in magazines) for myself in reality. And what a store. Yes, this is American, and I really love it. I wouldn’t be me if I had not taken lots of pictures to capture everything I saw for the first time and share with you. If you knew Forever 21 already maybe it’s nice to see what the Amsterdam store looks like, or if you didn’t (like I didn’t before this day) nice to see what Forever 21 has to offer you.

I was really amazed by the fashion and the accessories. The store has three floors in total and got me there for 3,5 hours. What I didn’t know was that this Forever 21 store is all women’s fashion. Never did I took the time to really google what they would offer, so that was a pleasant surprise. For the first time in my life I saw so many men in a store that only sells women’s fashion. How nice of the men to join their wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters or lady friends to this grand opening. I doubt if they wanna do it again though. You can imagine how crowded it was and the time the women took to look at all the offers since the store is new. Respect for the men.

In the next post I will give you a plog of my visit to the Grand Opening of Forever 21 Amsterdam. Stay tuned!


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